News and Rumors

In December, I was honored to be a Finalist once again at Writers of the Future. Again, I did not place. That makes my third finalist nomination, and my second in the last year. All three finalists have been set in the same universe as the story I wrote for the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award, “The Golden Knight”.

I have some extremely exciting news about one of those stories that I will be able to share very soon!

I have also begun to search for an agent for my most recently finished novel. It is not set in the same universe as the stories above. I may traditionally publish or eventually self-publish it. The road ahead is long, but ultimately rewarding.

Meanwhile, it’s off to Superstars Writers Seminar for us. Really looking forward to a long weekend of learning, interacting with other writers, and challenging ourselves. 2016 is going to be an amazing year.

About Kate Julicher

Aspiring writer of epic fantasy novels
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