Story Release – His Lady’s Favor

My latest novelette, entitled “His Lady’s Favor”, is available now in the Summer 2019 edition of Deep Magic. I’m thrilled to share this story, which features magic, romance, and redemption.


Runesmith Rina Telassi’s one chance of finding a new patron is to make a good showing in the Crucible of Honor. For that she needs a runewielder — and the only person who might risk her untried armor is a man who walked away from the ring, and her, years ago. 


His Lady’s Favor available on

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About Kate Julicher

Aspiring writer of epic fantasy novels
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1 Response to Story Release – His Lady’s Favor

  1. Mary Lyons says:

    Absolutely wonderful story! When it ended, I was more than ready to turn the page and continue on to see what would happen next for Rina and Edrick. Bravo!


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