Announcing Novel – Favored of the Gods

The preorder for my first novel, Favored of the Gods, is live now. – book goes live September 9th. It’s also available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers

The paperback will be available around the same time. I’ve got a pre-order copy and it’s gorgeous, so if you prefer paper books I think you’ll be pleased.

Favored of the Gods is a Bronze-Age sword-and-sandal fantasy, unrelated to my other published stories. Ionas, a simple shepherd, inherits the Favor of the kindly herder-god after his father’s death. The god speaks in Ionas’s head and works miracles through his rough hands. But a trip to the great temple goes wrong when Ionas wakes up with the very angry God of War in his head. 

Interested in what happens next? Click the link to buy ebook or paperback from Amazon!

About Kate Julicher

Aspiring writer of epic fantasy novels
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